Monday, November 16, 2009

Limited Time Photo Print Promotion

If you've been holding out on getting your own Photo Print, wait no more! Starting today, through Dec. 8, you will receive a FREE Photo Print Value Pack with your purchase of any 4x4 or bigger Photo Print.

Each value pack is a $14.95 value and includes:

  • 18" Photo Print of your image
  • 10" Photo Print of your image
  • 2 8" Silhouettes (all black) of your image
You can use these to decorate smaller spaces such as lockers, boards, and even your car. For all of you Open House guests who have wanted a Photo Print as small as my sample, this is how you get it. My favorite thing to do with these is to put a photo of your young athlete on the car when you drive to games and tournaments. The kids will absolutely love this. The free Value Pack also makes it more affordable to give smaller Photo Prints as gifts. One pack will give you 4 holiday gifts!

There is a ton of information on Photo Prints on my web site, but you can always contact me to brainstorm or work on some ideas. When you upload your photo to my site, make sure to email me a copy too. Then, take a picture of the finished product and send me that as well. I'll post before and after photos here. I can't wait to see the creative ways you all find to showcase this awesome product!

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