Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Axicom Computer Club

Christa is an old friend, fellow Cub Scout and school mom, and co-owner of AXICOM, a local computer support and service company. Knowing that it wouldn't be easy to keep her two active sons busy this summer, she came up with the brilliant idea of using her company's facilities and expertise and starting a kids' Computer Camp.

To dress up her white walls, Christa ordered custom Uppercase Living lettering in the fun Kid Print font using different bright colors. The look is perfect for the newly created classroom. When the space is needed for a different use, the lettering will easily come off, allowing AXICOM to revamp the classroom all over again.

You can visit AXICOM online or on Facebook. There may still be space available for this summer's Computer Camp sessions. Off to pick up my little camper from his first day now!

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