Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Splash: 5 Hours To Go And One Last Photo

Here it is: the last Photo A Day (although it's been more like 2 a day) of Summer Splash. It's the final day of the big promotion and we demonstrators are madly trying to enter those last minute orders and help all of our new team members get signed in before tonight's deadline. Although it's available for just a few more day, you can still get this expression and Buy One, Get One FREE if you act within the next few hours.

I love thinking of the everyday miracles that we are surrounded by. Looking at my kids running around is enough to remind me each day. Sometimes the miracle is the traffic light that stays green when you're running late for preschool pickup, and sometimes it's the doctor that catches unseen problems and acts quickly to prevent their devastating consequences. I've been on the receiving end of both of those types of miracles and many more.

This sweet, soothing photo is a stark contrast to all of the activity going on in with UL right now. Not only are we ending Summer Splash, but tomorrow is our annual convention where our latest catalog and all of the new products it contains will be announced. In 13 hours, I'll be flying off to St. Louis to meet up with friends and pretty much marinate in all things UL for four days. I will definitely need a miracle or two to get myself and all my stuff on that plane before it takes off. Instead of thinking of the 3 to-do lists standing before me and Convention, I'll just think calming thoughts of miracles. I believe.

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