Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photo A Day #3 - Playing Catch Up!

Were you wondering what happened to all those photos I promised you?

I went away for a few days and my best-laid plans of posting ahead of time went awry. I'll make it up to you, though, with tons of pictures and ideas in the next few days. You see, so many of our gorgeous expressions are being retired that I just have to share the photos with you...and warn you of an impending deadlines if you've been planning on getting a couple.

Those of you with kids will be able to relate to this expression:

I can't count how many times a day I have to tell my kids to WASH THEIR HANDS. Is it so hard to remember? Is their schedule so full that they don't have the 30 seconds it takes to just wash up? What can possibly be so urgent that it just can't wait? Maybe it's just my kids who need the constant reminder. Do me a favor and reassure me that it's not (even if that isn't entirely true).

If you're tired of telling your kids to wash their hands, too, pick up this cute expression in a color that coordinates with your bathroom. When you do, pick out something else too, because it's Buy One, Get One FREE! But do it quickly because this, and all the other expressions on our Retired List will not be available for much longer.

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