Friday, July 9, 2010

Photo A Day #6

Who among us doesn't know the a little girl whose room this expression would be perfect in? Whether it's to add to a grouping of girly girl photos on a wall or decorate a nursery or child's room, the scalloped edges of this expression make it extra sweet. Here, it's been adorned with some of our Dress Ups Gems for some extra sparkle. After all, Princesses must have bling. It would also be pretty with Mini Blooms. Since the Mini Blooms come in 3 colors, you'll be sure to find one that complements the color of your expression. And since all of our accessories are 20% off for just a few more days, you'll even save some money on the Blooms or Gems. Make sure to pick out an extra expression if you're buying this one because all of our expressions are Buy One, Get One FREE! So who's the lucky little Princess in your life who's going to be getting this expression?

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