Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For You Lovers of Pottery Barn: Everything Is Coming Up Roosters!

Earlier this year, when Uppercase Living introduced our brand new Decorative Prints, I kind of scratched my head and wondered about them including a rooster set among the first few designs. Of all the possible choices, I thought, why start with something as random as roosters? Imagine my surprise when I opened my latest Pottery Barn catalog and saw a number of different items using, you guessed it, roosters! Once again, it seems that the UL designers were ahead of a trend by including those and all the other roosters in our catalog.

As it turns out, roosters are a symbol of luck and good fortune, and who doesn't want some of that good fortune represented in their home decor? Tuscan legend has it that one rooster's crow once saved an entire village from danger.

The tremendous variety in Pottery Barn's roosters lends them to lots of different decorating uses. From bright and whimsical, to understated folk art; from small details to large pieces, there's a way for everyone to include this cheerful trend in their decorating.

Whether you're ahead of the trends, have always loved roosters, or you'd like to add a little French Country flair to your home for the first time, Uppercase Living also has a choice for everyone.  Of course, the most vivid are those original Rooster Decorative Prints. The artwork on these is beautiful and the feathers are so lifelike. The touches of red would tie in beautifully with any other red items in a room. You can use these guys as a set or scatter them throughout your kitchen, living room or entry. I think they would look really cute on a back splash or just hanging out right above the baseboard. They come in 3 sizes to give you lots of options.

The rooster motif is also available in our matte vinyl. This choice gives you almost unlimited versatility for not only are these two rooster styles available in all of our 40+ colors, but they also come in sizes ranging from 3 to 18 inches. The smaller sizes can be applied to individual tiles in a back splash, used to create a border or applied to our coasters to create a decorative accessory or gift for a rooster lover. 

The larger size can be applied alone or in a grouping right to the wall.  It can also go on a tile or board to create a decorative accent. Here, a rooster in Whipped Creme is shown on our new Punched Metal Tile in Berry. You can continue the French Country theme by looping a ribbon through the holes and hanging it from our new Fleur de Lis medallion.
A more subtle effect is achieved by applying the rooster embellishments in Etched Glass on a glass kitchen door or cabinet front. Another idea is to use the Welcome Rooster in the black square Frameworks, as shown here. This is another idea of a great piece for your own home or for a sweet gift. The red vinyl picks up the tones in the cabinetry without being a perfect match.
For something completely different, try our brand new Barnyard pack, part of the Erasables line. Also available in dry erase vinyl, this set lends true country charm and whimsy to a kitchen. But it's just as cute in a child's farm themed bedroom, playroom, or even a classroom.

I have to admit that even I've been surprised at the versatility of roosters in decorating. With a few accessories and a vinyl piece or two you can play with this fun trend without making any permanent changes or major investments. Sure, you could buy a $400 ceramic rooster, but you can spend much less on Uppercase Living roosters and have a lot left over to decorate the rest of your home too!


Donna said...

Love your blog!! Great job from another UL Demonstrator!

t said...

Thanks Donna!


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